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A Suggested Program

A Suggested Program for Sino-Swedish Collaboration Symp...

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Sino-Swedish Symposium program in Beijing during 24th,June-27th,June, 2014 under VINNOVA Sino-Swedish Advanced Materials Exchange Centre. Hubei University and cooperation with KTH is presented.  


                                  Sino-Swedish Advanced Materials Exchange Centre

                                                        A Suggested Programfor

Sino-Swedish Collaboration Symposium in Beijing, June of 2014


23/6 (Monday)  


          Swedish delegates arrive to Beijing. A dinner for the arrived Swedish delegates, host

          by the Centre at the Hotel Restaurant.


24/6 (Tuesday)

       Conference Room of China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group (CISRI)

       (Main Building of CISRI, No. 76, Xueyuan Nanlu, Haidian District, Beijing)


Morning Section

       Chairman:  Prof. Tian Zhiling, Vice General Manager of China Iron and Steel Research

                          Institute Group; Director (China) of Sino-Swedish Advanced Materials

                           Exchange Centre.


  9:30 – 9:40      Opening Symposium and Person Introduction of the Participants


  9:40 – 10:20      Status report on the project of coating technology, by

                            Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB (SIT)

                            Linköping University (LiU)                    

                            Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (BGRIMM)


  10:20 – 10:35                         Coffee


  10:35 – 11:15    Status report on the project of wear-resistant materials, by

                            Chalmers University of Technology (Chalmers)

                             Höganäs AB

                             China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group (CISRI)


  11:15 – 11:55    Status report on the project of bio-materials, by

                            Uppsala University

                            OSS-Q AB

                            Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Lid. (AT&M)     


  11:55 – 13:15                                    Lunch


     Afternoon Section

         Chairman:    Prof. Lars Nyborg, Head of the Department of Materials and Manufacturing

                           Technology, Chalmers University of Technology; Director (Sweden) of Sino-

                           Swedish Advanced Materials Exchange Centre.


  13:30 – 13:55       Experience and knowledge learned from the past on the collaboration  

                             Activities - A Study Meeting of the Centre in VINNOVA, 15th of April,

                             by Prof. Lars Nyborg


  13:55 – 14:15   Information from Karlstad university by Prof. Jens Bergström


  14:15 – 14:35    Information from Hebei University of Technology by Prof. Yin Fuxin


  14:35 – 14:55   Information from VINN Excellence Center Hero-m, Royal Institute of

                            Technology  by Prof. Annika Borgenstam         


  14:55 – 15:15   Information from Shanghai University by Prof. Xiao-Gang Lu


  15:15 – 15:30                                                Coffee


  15:30 – 16:00   Information from Royal Institute of Technology by Prof. Zhu Bin (Fuel cell and                 Solar cell group), and Dr. Xiaodi Wang (Function Materials Division)

  16:00 – 16:20   Information from Hubei University by Prof. Hao Wang, and BGRIMM by                         Dr. Liang Mingde

  16:20 – 16:50  Participants discussion, chaired by Prof. Tian Zhiling and Prof. Lars Nyborg



  16:50 – 17:05  Indications from VINNOVA, by Mr. Anders Maren, Senior Programme Manager on Materials and Production


  18:00 –                 Dinner host by the Centre



25/6 (Wednesday)


   Work-meetings of the on-going projects, individually organized by the leader of each

    established projects:


           1)  The project work-meeting on wear-resistant materials, arranged by Prof. Han Wei and

                 Dr. Zhao Ling, CISRI (Morning, CISRI)

           2)  The project work-meeting on coating technology, arranged by Prof. Shen Jie of

                 BGRIMM (Afternoon, BGRIMM). Meanwhile, BGRIMM would also invite the

                 delegates of VINNOVA, Höganäs AB,Chalmers and Karlstad university to visit


             3)  The project work-meeting on bio-materials, arranged by Dr. Liang Xinjie, AT&M


   Meetings for the potential collaborations, individually organized by the Chinese hosts, as


           1)  Potential collaboration meeting on fuel cells technology, arranged by Prof. Hao Wang

                of Hubei University and Prof. Zhu Bin of KTH together;

           2)  Prof. Yin Fuxin of Hebei University of Technology will meet Prof. Jens Bergström

                for arranging a visiting program (26/6) for his Swedish guests.      

           3)  Prof. Xiao-Gang Lu of Shanghai University shall meet Prof. Annika Borgenstam of

                KTH and arrange a visiting program (26-27/6) for his Swedish guest.

           4)  Prof. Zhang Di shall arrange a visiting program for his Swedish guests, Mr. Anders

                Maren, Prof. Lars Nyborg and Dr. Karin Gong.


26/6 (Thursday) to 27/6 (Friday)




       1)  One group of the Swedish delegates to visit Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin.

       2)  Second group of the Swedish delegates to visit Shanghai University.

       3)  Third group of the Swedish delegates to visit Shanghai JiaoTong University.


Distribution List       


On the Swedish side:

Anders Maren                VINNOVA (

Helena Oskarsson            Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB


Ru Peng                          Dept. of Management and Engineering, Linköping University   


Sven Bengetsson            Höganäs AB, (

Karin Gong                    Chalmers University of Technology, (

Lars Nyborg                   Chalmers University of Technology, (

Håkan Engqvist                      External Affairs, Uppsala University(  

Wei Xia                          Uppsala University, Contacting by Håkan Engqvist 


Jens Bergström               Karlstads University (

Prof. Zhu Bin                 KTH Royal Institute of Technology (

Xiaodi Wang                  KTH Royal Institute of Technology,  Contacting by Muhammet S.                                                            Toprak (

Annika Borgenstam       VINN Excellence Center Hero-m, (

 Changhai Li                  Chalmers University of Technology (


On the Chinese side:

Tian Zhiling                    CISRI, (

Han Wei                         CISRI (

Zhang Ning                    China Association for International Science & Technology Cooperation


Zhao Lin                           CISRI, (

Liang Xinjie                   AT&M, (

Shen Jie                          BGRIMM (

Zhang Shuting                  BGRIMM (

Ji Xiaojuan                     BGRIMM (

Liang Mingde                BGRIMM (

Fuxing Yin                     Hebei University of Technology, (

Hao Wang                     Hubei University, contacting by Zhu Bin (

Xiaogang Lu                     Shanghai University, (

Zhang Di                        Shanghai JiaoTong University (  

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