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Senior PhD Student i

Senior PhD Student is becoming famous as an Emergent Sc...

source:Baoyuan Wa  clicks:  pubdate:2017-08-29

A senior PhD student, Muhammad Afzal (under supervision of Prof. Bin Zhu), from Department of Energy Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden is becoming a renowned speaker and an emergent scientist worldwide.  Recently, Afzal was selected as Organizing Committee Member of 2nd International Conference on Battery & Fuel Cell Technology July 27-28, 2017 Rome, Italy. Moreover, Afzal was invited as a Keynote Speaker in this conference. He delivered his Keynote lecture on title ‘‘Semiconductor-ionic materials for low temperature solid oxide fuel cell (LTSOFC) and electrolyte-layer free fuel cell (EFFC)’’ among scientists from conventional fuel cell technology. Very strong and positive feedback has been received about EFFC technology during questions & answers session and also to the organizer, where the young scientist, Afzal explained the new technology beautifully. Afzal as a Keynote speaker and organizing committee member has made significant and important contributions to the conference and the conference is very successful. It is a huge acknowledgement for Afzal’s contributions that he has been selected again as Organizing Committee Member of 3rd International Conference on Battery & Fuel Cell Technology September 10-11, 2018 London, UK ( The unique aspect of this conference is that world well renowned scientist, John B. Goodenough is also the Organizing Committee Member. The young scientist has acknowledged his mother and successful supervision.

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