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Enhancement of Research Capabilities on Multi-functional Nanocomposites for Advanced Fuel Cell Technology through EU-Turkish-China Cooperation (NANOCOFC)Program: NMPContract number: under negotiationInstrument: SSAList of participants: l Royal Institute of Technology (SE)l Nigde University (TR)l University of Ulster (UK)l Joint Research Centre,Institute of Energy (NL)l&nbs……more+

Dr. Bin Zhu has been

Dr. Bin Zhu has been an invited speakers

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 Dr. Bin Zhu has been an invited speakers or forthcoming

2nd International Conference on Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials & Thin Films for Energy Applications,, his peech title is: "Nanocomposites for advanced fuel cell and solar cell" from Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Hubei University (China)

In this conerence, many world top scientists and experts will give speeches.

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