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Enhancement of Research Capabilities on Multi-functional Nanocomposites for Advanced Fuel Cell Technology through EU-Turkish-China Cooperation (NANOCOFC)Program: NMPContract number: under negotiationInstrument: SSAList of participants: l Royal Institute of Technology (SE)l Nigde University (TR)l University of Ulster (UK)l Joint Research Centre,Institute of Energy (NL)l&nbs……more+

Prof.Zhu was invited

Prof.Zhu was invited as a keynote speakers for NEFEs 20...

source:Baoyuan Wa  clicks:  pubdate:2017-07-14

Professor. Zhu have been invited as a keynote speaker for the 2nd International Conference on New Energy and Future Energy System (September 22nd - 25th, 2017, Kunming, Yunnan, China)


Abstract: Currently two research fields are strongly correlated from semiconductor and ionic materials, semiconductor physics and Ionics, which have created "Three in one" (1) electrolyte-free fuel cell technology and science (2-6). Some semiconductor-ionic materials have shown some properties as analogs of topological insulators. Topological electronic band can induce ionic conducting properties and band structure changes resulting in superionic conduction. Strongly crosslink approaches from electrons and ions based on extensive experimental discoveries and evidences have made a strong indication for a promising research frontier. Topoionics gives a new scientific thinking and idea to a combination of topological materials and semiconductor-ionic materials based on a fact: A large topological materials (insulators and semi-metals) have been discovered to be compatible to the semiconductor-ionic devices, e.g. electrolyte (layer)-free fuel cell (EFFC). 
We are working on both theoretical approaches and experiments to develop and establish a new discipline on Topotroionics or Topoionics and semiconductor-ionics for energy applications. The basic ideas about topoionics proposal are: based on already discovered topological materials, topo-insulators and topo-semi-metals, which can be identified to be compatible for energy applications, catalysts and functional materials for fuel cell and photocatalysts for solar conversion. Using existing topological electronic theory, material, we extend into the ionic properties and energy band modifications by ion effect, e.g. correlation with ions, and electron-ionic correlated transport properties thus facilitating energy, solar and fuel conversions with even higher efficiencies. In other words, Topological achievements will be borrowed and extended for energy applications. They investigate electronic properties and applications, we develop the same materials for energy applications by studying their ionic properties and correlations.

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