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Enhancement of Research Capabilities on Multi-functional Nanocomposites for Advanced Fuel Cell Technology through EU-Turkish-China Cooperation (NANOCOFC)Program: NMPContract number: under negotiationInstrument: SSAList of participants: l Royal Institute of Technology (SE)l Nigde University (TR)l University of Ulster (UK)l Joint Research Centre,Institute of Energy (NL)l&nbs……more+

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the proposal abstract for the NSFC grant of Prof. Zhu

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基于半导体-离子导体异质结构复合材料隔膜的燃料电池基础研究  (2017 grant No.51372075)

本项目针对固体氧化物燃料电池(SOFC)面临的材料和技术的挑战提出解决方案。在无电解质隔膜燃料电池和纳米复合先进燃料电池的工作基础上,从半导体物理学和离子学双重角度设计与合成半导体-离子导体异质结构复合功能材料,深入研究材料的物理化学特性(导电类型与电导率、电化学活性、能带结构、界面和异质结构和性能),构筑新型的半导体离子燃料电池,探讨微观结构、化学性质和物理、电化学性能的构效关系,研究从传统离子电解质为核心的阳极/电解质/阴极三层结构燃料电池到半导体-离子导体复合材料隔膜的半导体离子器件的科学机制和工作原理,实现高性能(>1W/cm2, 550 )的应用能源器件。半导体-离子导

This proposal aims at solutions for material and technological challenges of solidoxide fuel cells (SOFC). Based on the research of the electrolyte-free fuel cell (EFFC) and nanocomposite advanced fuel cell, we design and synthesize novel functional semiconductor-ionic heterostructure composite materials from the theories of both semiconductor physics and ionics, and study the physical and chemical properties of the materials (e.g. conductivity, conduction types,electrochemical properties, energy band structure, heterostructure and interfaces characteristics) for developing new generation semiconductor-ionic fuel cells:material, technology and device. We will study the relationship between the device microstructure, physical- (electro-) chemical properties and the resulting device performances. A systematical comparison between the conventional ionic conducting electrolyte based anode/electrolyte/cathode three layer fuel cell and the new functional semiconductor-ionic devices will be performed to understand the new working principles and establish scientific mechanisms, with a target of high electrochemical performance (>1W/cm2 at 550 oC) for applied energy devices. The semiconductor-ionic composite  aterials possess high ionic conduction, simple synthesis technology and low cost. We believe that this proposed research will guarantee strong material development and technological application for new generation energy conversion devices and also deep the semiconductor-ionic science and theory.

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