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Enhancement of Research Capabilities on Multi-functional Nanocomposites for Advanced Fuel Cell Technology through EU-Turkish-China Cooperation (NANOCOFC)Program: NMPContract number: under negotiationInstrument: SSAList of participants: l Royal Institute of Technology (SE)l Nigde University (TR)l University of Ulster (UK)l Joint Research Centre,Institute of Energy (NL)l&nbs……more+

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the proposal abstract for the NSFC grant of Dr. Wang

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基于异质结薄膜的肖特基结燃料电池构建及其离子传导机制的研究 (2018年 grant No.51872080)

 针对目前固体氧化物操作温度过高问题,本项目提出利用薄膜制备技术,结合肖特基结的能带理论,以及异质结构对离子传导的增强效应,设计和构建以异质结构薄膜为离子传输层的肖特基结燃料电池。利用磁控溅射的方法,在NCAL陶瓷衬底上,分别沉积离子导体掺杂氧化铈层(SDC, GDC或SCDC)和电子导体层(LSCF, BSCF或LSCM),形成电子导体/离子导体异质结构薄膜,并以此为离子传输层组装肖特基结燃料电池。其中离子传导层薄膜化有利于减小离子传输的欧姆电阻,降低电池的欧姆极化损失;异质结构可以增大离子传输层的离子电导率;阳极侧肖特基结的存在阻止电子从电池内部通过,防止短路,同时内建电场会加快离子传输;三管齐下共同作用降低工作温度。另外以异质结构薄膜为研究对象,利用高性能透射电子显微镜配合电子能量损失谱(EELS)以及电化学阻抗谱探索其电导率增强机制,为电子与离子的协同、耦合作用提供理论依据。

  In order to reduce the operation temperature of solid oxide fuel cells, this proposal suggests combining the thin-film technology, the band structure of Schottky junction and the ion-conducting enhanced effect of heterostructure to constructure the Schottky junction fuel cell based on heterostructure thin films. First, the ionic conductor doped ceria (SCD, GDC or SCDC) and electronic conductor (LSCF, BSCF or LSCM) are successively deposited on NCAL ceramic substrate by magnetron sputtering, the heterostructure are formed between ionic conductor and electronic conductor, then assemble the Schottky junction fuel cell based on the heterostructure films.  In the novel fuel cells, reducing the ion-conducting membrane to thin films can decrease ohmic loss; the heterostructure can improve the ion conductivity of heterostructure films; the Schottky junction on the anode side can prevent the electron pass through the cell to avoid the short circuit problem, simultaneously the built-in electric filed can promote the ion transport. All the factors will contribute to improve the electrochemical performance of assembled fuel cell and lower the operation temperature. In addition, we will investigate the conductivity-enhancement in the heterostructure films using transmission electron microscope (TEM)-Electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and electrochemical impedance spectra (EIS) method, and provide a theory to analyze the coupling and synergetic effect between electron and ion.

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